Our 24 hour service connects customer and factory
with optimal logistics Logistik

Planning, supply, and installation as well as repair of:Three-phase alternating current drives, Direct current drives, Transformers, High voltage machines.

Puplication, supply, and installation as well as repair of: Industrial pumps, Disposal pumps, pump control systems.

Development and production as well as repair of: complexes transmissions.

Uncomplicated, fast repair, all usual spare parts in stock.

Mobile force mechanism/ adjustment with laser technology.

Service around the clock, means in an emergency repairs. 24 hours on the day.

Property Value Text With our hot-line are we reachable at any time for you!
In an emergency your propulsion will be in max. 3.5 hours in our factory.

Our Hotline:  
Hauptwerk Trier: +49 (0)651 - 82871-0
Niederlassung Plankstadt: +49 (0)6202 - 2 14 92

outside of the general office hours:

Werk Trier: 0171 - 5 84 34 97
Werk Plankstadt: 0172 - 8 07 21 75

The 24-hour engine repair service

  • Collection and transport from your address as fast as possible
  • Repair in the shortest possible time
  • Punctual return according to agreement